Tilt table


Tilt table 900

Electric Tilt Table Model 900-00

Electric motor-powered surface level adjustment. Adjustment continuously from approx.

vertical (85°) to horizontal position to down position (-15°).

Tilting speed is always constant, even under maximum weight (150 kg).

Its pneumatic drive allows continuous adjustability and fixation in any position. The

model can therefore also be used as an outpatient’s couch. (removable foot rest)


Measuring lying surface

Length: 1950 mm (without foot rest)

Width : 700 mm

Height: 700 mm (horizontal lying surface)

Maximum weight capacity:

Up to 150 kg (if handled properly with balance point in the centre of the lying surface)

Tilting range – tilting times:

from –15° to +85° in approx. 18 sec.