Magstim Rapid2Plus


The Magstim Rapid2 Plus1 is an innovative enhancement to the Super Rapid2 and is the only system able to offer a significantly higher repetition rate at stimulation output of 30% and higher.

The Super Rapid² Plus1 (triple PSU) is intended for applications such as theta burst where a higher power/frequency relationship is required.


  • Easy to upgrade from Super Rapid2 system – noneed to return equipment
  • “Plug and Play” compatibility with existing,up-to-date systems
  • Ideal for subjects with high motor thresholds
  • Unique Burst Protocol option, such as Theta Burst
  • The Magstim Rapid2 Plus1 is capable of up to 89%output at 50Hz, compared with 50% output at 50Hzwith a Super Rapid